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Plastic Welding Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

MJR Plastic Welding Services specialises in Plastic Welding Repair on a wide range of items from Poly Water Tanks, Fuel Tanks, Air Dock, Plastic Tank Repairs, Pontoons and Poly Boats to mention a few. We use the latest equipment from hand held welders to extrusion welders. We offer a Mobile Plastics Welding onsite service for larger jobs that are difficult to move, while small jobs can be brought to us for repair.

We offer competitive rates and full warranty on all Plastic Welding Work and are Fully Insured for both Onsite and in House work.

Our Service areas are Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, Scenic Rim and cover a large section of South East Queensland.
What makes us stand out from our competitors?
We are reliable, professional and efficient. We attend to your work request on the day and time frame agreed providing a friendly professional Plastic Welding Service.

What does the finished job look like?
Plastic Welding melds feeder rod with the original plastic to create a join between cracks or patches which is as strong as the original material. For additional strength often a layer of plastic is welded over the crack.

We can often colour match common plastic colours for Poly Tank Repairs, Water Tank Repairs, Fuel Tanks and Pontoons.

How soon can repaired items be used?
Generally once the weld has cooled to room temperature, it is ready for use. Larger welds will take longer but most items can be used after an hour of being repaired.
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For more than a decade, here at MJR we have been providing a plastic welding service to domestic and commercial customers in Brisbane as well as the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast too. With a well-deserved reputation based on a highly professional service and maintaining customer needs as a priority, MJR are the first choice for plastic welding repairs in the region.

Repairing plastic items such as water tanks (round and slim line), diesel tanks for boats and industrial equipment and PVC pipes can result in huge financial savings when compared to the cost of replacing damaged items – and the good news is that we are specialists in dealing with all of these scenarios.

Plastic welding is a process that creates a permanent bond, on the molecular level, between two surfaces of plastic that restores the integrity and original strength of the damaged article and in the vast majority of cases is far superior to other reparative measures such as adhesion or riveting. Damage, such as cracks in the walls of large tanks or leaks at pressure points can usually all be repaired quickly and effectively, and our experienced team can affect repairs on site to minimise inconvenience to you. Straightforward repairs can be done in a short time frame and your tanks and pipes are ready for use about one hour after the welding repair has been completed.

Before you search online for ‘plastic welding near me’ give us a call or send us an email for a free quote.

Plastic products are all around us, a valuable commodity in modern society, appreciated for durability, versatility and a high strength to weigh ratio and used in thousands of different applications. Nonetheless, despite its ruggedness and resistance to normal wear and tear, plastic products can still be subject to damage rendering it unfit for purpose – but before you commit to replacing your damaged item with a new one, consider the option of an affordable, relatively simple repair.

Many plastic items can be given a new lease of life by undertaking plastic welding repairs, a process that creates a new bond between two plastic surfaces that is as strong as it was before the damage occurred. At MJR Plastic Welding we specialise in on site repairs, servicing large, bulky or difficult to move items such as storage tanks, pontoon floats and pipework that may be expensive and inconvenient to replace, but can be repaired quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

Our mobile plastic welding service is available throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and with a quick call to our friendly, professional team we can supply you with a quote for your repairs – and a final price will be ascertained prior to any work being undertaken – so you know exactly how much our service will cost before we start. Our work is guaranteed, insured and we operate with full compliance to all OHS regulations.

Before you search online for ‘plastic welding near me’ contact us at MJR Plastic Welding Services.